“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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Spring 2010
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The Dreams for Africa chair was inspired by the Streetwires Lion, exhibited at the 2009 Design Indaba. Woza Moya wanted to create a large peice that would inspire and create interest at the Indaba 2010. We all loved the idea of a “talking” chair that held all of our dreams for Africa, South Africa and 2010. The chair is made up of patches made by over 150 crafters. The patches were placed by Tessa an Australian Volunteer. Ncami , Ke and Hle have had the task of sewing the patches onto the chair. The chair is a fun take on a “wing –back” and has two wings which are maps of Africa made by a German volunteer Paul. They hold our dreams .

Community and famous to be photographed in the chair

We are inviting the crafters to pose by/in the chair and to have their portrait taken, and to tell of their Dreams and hopes for the future , we are also asking local leaders and inspiring role models and well known community personalities to have their photo taken on the chair. The more people that sit in the chair and dream of our future the more meaning it has.

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How you can get involved?

To raise money for our craft Project and the centre we are asking hotels, local bed and breakfasts, businesses to host the chair, and have the chair photographed in the hotel/etc. The image will be turned into a postcard. This web- page is set up to document who sat in the chair and also where it has travelled around South Africa.

How To Start

Make an appointment to arrange a photo shoot. Depending on your location we may/may not be able to supply a photographer.

Make a donation of R1250, this cost includes 200 postcards, we can also issue you with a Section18A Tax certificate. Future postcards will cost 200 cards R600, 300 cards- R900; 500 cards -R1500.

Think of your dream that you would like to share with the rest of South Africa. Supply us with a high resolution Logo to use on the postcard. We will upload your postcard to our website with your details and dream.

Yours Sincerely Paula Thomson Craft- co-ordinator Woza Moya

woza moya chair   woza moya map


Dreams For Africa Map – The Largest Beaded Love Letter Of Africa In The World!

Dreams for Africa map which was commissioned for the Moses Mabhida Stadium, over 200 crafters gave a piece of beadwork to the map which were then sewn together and assembled like a patch- work quilt. The map is 4m long and took 6 weeks from start to finish. It has been described as "breath taking"... "awe inspiring". To us it represents a triumph over the most difficult circumstances and symbolises unity in action.
In 2009 the city of Durban asked Woza Moya to submit a proposal for an artwork for the Moses Mabhida stadium. Amongst 1000s of submissions our concept was chosen. The result was a 4m beaded map of Africa which holds the dreams and futures of over 200 crafters who gave a beaded piece to the map. We had a very short deadline to complete the map of only 6 weeks. The map was assembled like a giant patchwork quilt. This project was a turning point for us, as suddenly we were given the opportunity to make something that would showcase the best of Woza Moya. We used pioneering techniques to make the map. Everybody who contributed a piece is key to the whole no matter to how small or big their piece was.

What was really amazing to us was that when the map was completed it was filmed and appeared on SABC2 and I think everyone in KZN came in to congratulate us and say “we made this map” we are great! I didn’t say well no you didn’t , 200 beaders from Woza Moya made it, and I nearly had a break down. No, I held myself back and said yes we did! What that said to me was that we had made something so powerful and beautiful that “everyman/woman” could identify with it and it swept our community away in a tide of delight and pride. For me the map is a symbol of unity in action but it also has a spirit of the underdog triumphing.

The map was so awe inspiring, positive and powerful and every time I entered Embo Craft where we assembled the map my heart would leap. The map is dedicated to those loved ones we have lost along the way but also to all of us who remain and find the joy in the small, everyday miracles. Most of the women and men from Woza Moya come in to the Hillcrest AIDS centre in desperate, desperate, need of help, the map gave us all reason to hope. It was like a giant blessing from above. When the map was complete and had been hung, the city transported us (sixty artists) to the staduim to see the map in its pride of place in the Presidential atruim at the Moses Mabhida staduim, it was a wonderful day and the artists were treated like queens as we were shown around the staduim and we also had a chance to meet the other artists from around the country. We are grateful to the city , Julie-May Ellington and especially Carol Brown for seeing the possibility of greatness in us and giving us the opportunity to share it with the world. Ngiabonga! A special mention must be made of the amazing Woza Team who put the map puzzle together, Ncami, Busi, Hle, Thulisile and Zonke. Peter Upfold also kindly documented the whole process for us.

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